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Global Risk Evaluations (known in the insurance market as GREvL) provides a range of specialist risk management consultancy services to assist clients in better understanding and managing their operational and organisational security and safety risks. Combining first hand operational and management experience with an analytical model for identifying and assessing risks, GREvL is able to identify and highlight areas of exposure and then provides a range of practical solutions. GREvL always works with the clients to ensure that the risk mitigation recommendations and programmes are locally achievable and viable.

Our experience and understanding of logistics operations, functional security, the protection and safeguarding of high value assets results in an advanced and detailed risk assessment process. This in turn provides for an objective measurement of the risks, creates value and an identifiable return on investment, ultimately assisting in achieving further efficiencies both operationally and fiscally.

GREvL has immense experience working world wide, being as capable of working in third world countries and remote locations as in developed and developing countries. In addition to the two permanent members of GREvL, there are currently thirteen (13) surveyors contracted by GREvL world wide. GREvL surveyors are selected in part on their language ability and cultural knowledge of the areas of interest to our clients. The expansion in Australasia will increase this to more than seventeen (17) surveyors. All surveyors are contracted under strict confidentiality and service level agreements.

Reports and recommendations resulting from surveys and assessments conducted by contracted consultants are critiqued and assessed by one of the two permanent members of GREvL prior to being submitted to the client. GREvL stands by their commitment to accuracy, quality and excellence.

GREvL attends major international conferences and seminars, working and networking with the leaders in the industries we service. In doing so, we maintain our understanding of their challenges, constraints, developments and strategies.

Our relationships with Lloyd's of London underwriters and international insurance companies assists in developing risk transfer programmes for addressing a wide range of risk profiles. Conversely, when contracted directly by the facilities or the assured, GREvL works to mitigate the identified risks through advice and training techniques, thus enabling the company and their broker to demonstrate to insurers how risks have been mitigated. This may assist companies when negotiating their insurance terms and conditions.

The risk consultancy services include but are not limited to:


  • Compliance with the respective international and national standards

  • Physical Security Inspections

  • Policy and Procedures Review

  • Loss Investigations

  • Training and Management Development

  • Developing and assistance in managing risk management programmes


  • Agriculture

  • Aviation

  • ATM operations

  • Cash In Transit

  • Fine Art Transportation and Storage, Exhibitions, Galleries

  • Global Risk Art Survey Programme (underwriter subscription only)

  • High Value Asset Transportation and Storage

  • High Value Retail and Branded Goods

  • Logistics

  • Mining (Supply chain risk, site security, personal security)

  • Marine and Port Risks

  • Private Clients


  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Dutch

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Kiswahili

GREvL Headquarters is in London. In addition, the consultant offices are based in:

  • Dubendorf, Switzerland

  • Dornbirn, Austria

  • Tucson, Arizona, USA

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Karachi, Pakistan

  • Sydney, Australia