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Global Risk Evaluations provides a range of specialist risk management services to assist clients in better understanding and managing their operational risks. Combining first hand operational and management experience, together with an analytical model for identifying and assessing risks, Global Risk Evaluations highlights areas of exposure and then provides a range of practical solutions, working with the client in identifying the most relevant risk mitigation measures and in developing risk management programmes and training.

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Air operator & maintenance audits
GREvL developed comprehensive and effective survey and audit programmes, catering to airline operations and maintenance facilities. Effective risk management programmes reduce these risks, help control costs and enhance safety, security and viability. The audit programmes take into account ICAO and local Civil Aviation regulations on safety and security, quality assurance programmes and management.

Aviation, airport safety and security audits / surveys
GREvL aviation security audits & surveys cover airlines, aircraft security and safety, passenger security and safety including screening and searches, baggage and cargo security screening and searches. The programme takes into account airport safety and security in line with the current ICAO airport operator requirements, covering all aspects of the airport safety and security from the perimeter of the airport to the passenger flows and access controls to restricted areas. Auditors / surveyors are competent and familiar with the latest CCTV surveillance and electronic detection systems. Members of the team are experienced and have worked with UK MANPADS teams at high threat airports. Members of the team include professional aircraft engineering specialists and operational specialists.

We pride ourselves in providing efficient and comprehensive risk mitigation recommendations and advice as a consequence of audits and surveys. We recognised that auditors / surveyors must discuss and work with the respective facilities to ensure local conditions are taken into account and that all recommendations and advice is achievable. Programmes are designed and / or audited in line with the UK's Department for Transport (DfT) Aviation Security regulations and requirements. Trainers employed for training local personnel are all accredited "Train the Trainer" by the UK's DfT.

GREvL are available to provide assistance and consultancy on designing and implementing the respective aviation programmes, having considerable experience in working in developing countries as well as the developed countries.

Quality assurance, SMS & ERP

GRP specialists provide consultancy and assistance to aviation firms, developing Quality Assurance Programmes; developing Safety Management Systems (SMS), the training of personnel and management in SMS and implementing it throughout the firm; develop Emergency Response Plans (ERPs), train personnel and management in the implementation of the programmes and the testing of ERPs once established.

Who we work with & the value proposition

  • Air Operators: General Aviation, Airlines and Corporate Aircraft

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Security & Safety Audits

  • Airport Operators - Security & Safety Audits

  • Civil Aviation Navigation Organisations - Security & Safety Audits

  • GRP's Corporate Aviation & Aerospace - Safety & Loss Control Services

The Value Proposition

  • Work with the client to create or enhance all or part of your company's Safety Management Systems (SMS).

  • Undertake projects on client's behalf, ranging from topic-specific reviews, interviews, inspections and audits to full-scale desk top exercises.

  • Provide the offer of a free initial telephone consultation on any related issues.

  • Be available to provide on-site support in the event of a loss.

  • Operates independently - therefore, there is no obligation to share your company-sensitive information with your broker or insurers.