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Global Risk Evaluations provides a range of specialist risk management services to assist clients in better understanding and managing their operational risks. Combining first hand operational and management experience, together with an analytical model for identifying and assessing risks, Global Risk Evaluations highlights areas of exposure and then provides a range of practical solutions, working with the client in identifying the most relevant risk mitigation measures and in developing risk management programmes and training.

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GREvL's specialists provide security and safety risk surveys and reviews on all types of energy installations, facilities and operations, including pipelines and remote storage locations as well as offshore facilities.

Typical areas assessed:

  • Risk management and mitigation, designed to reduce exposure from direct and indirect attacks of installations, depots, pipelines and off-shore facilities. This includes counter terrorist measures

  • Risk management and mitigation, designed to reduce pilferage, sabotage and theft

  • Political risk assessments

  • Physical and electronic security systems and surveillance of facilities and pipelines, supply lines and logistics in general

  • Security and safety risk consultancy and reviews for energy facilities, installations and infrastructure

  • Emergency contingency plans for business continuity

  • Security awareness training on identifying threats

  • Preventative measures against security threats

  • Employee security awareness travelling overseas