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Global Risk Evaluations provides a range of specialist risk management services to assist clients in better understanding and managing their operational risks. Combining first hand operational and management experience, together with an analytical model for identifying and assessing risks, Global Risk Evaluations highlights areas of exposure and then provides a range of practical solutions, working with the client in identifying the most relevant risk mitigation measures and in developing risk management programmes and training.

Art storage

Secure display, storage and transport of art is a specialist area combining logistical expertise with high level security.

Our risk assessment and survey programmes combine the required expertise in procedures with a realistic and practical approach of how best to implement controls. All projects are designed to meet the specific needs of the gallery owner, museum director, collector, and underwriters in the reduction of risk exposure.

We possess an intimate understanding of the nuts and bolts of an operation beginning when the object is packed until it is prepared for display at its ultimate destination. Our risk programmes develop improved systems for more effective internal and external control, often assisting in attaining efficiencies in the process.

GREVL's extensive programmes address all procedural and physical elements of operations.

Risk assessment programmes for museums, galleries, secure art storage locations and exhibition sites include recruitment procedures for temporary staffing, training and supervisory controls.

There is no substitute for testing how policies and procedures are being implemented locally. Onsite inspections and face-to-face interviews are a major feature of these programmes, together with working with management in establishing the most effective and manageable local risk mitigation and management measures and procedures.