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Global Risk Art Survey Programme - GRASP

GRASP is a sophisticated web-based risk assessment and management tool allowing clients to track risk assessment survey programmes, manage mitigating actions, conduct trend analysis and run management reports across their risk profile.

GRASP was established following the fire of a major fine art storage facility in London in 2004. It has subsequently been developed and refined now being a risk management tool for underwriters worldwide and in Lloyd's of London Underwriters. Whilst AXA Art leads the programme in the insurance market, there are currently 21 individual subscribing underwriters to the programme.

GRASP standards are the basis for the new CEN (European Standards) approval and standards number, which is in the final stages of formalisation.

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The programme covers the following areas:

Human Resources and Training

  • Examination of written policies or procedures regarding pre-employment screening criteria

  • Review of any checklists used to ensure completeness of pre-employment screening

  • Documentation of employee training

Facility Administration

  • Company identification badge (if issued) policies and procedures

  • Review of any access registers and procedures for restricted access spaces, high-security storage areas or vaults (if present)

Key and Combination Controls

  • Key inventory control system

  • Policy for and completeness of periodic key inventories

  • Vault or safe combination management (valuable storage only)

  • Key controls and authorisations

Building Design and Contruction

  • Inspecting the building in terms of its fire rating/fire separation

  • Establishing the ratings for any vaults or safes used for high-value storage

  • Assessment of specialized building spaces (laboratories, conservation studios, etc.)

Building Inspection and Maintenance

  • Review of maintenance procedures and documentation for HVAC and water/sewage systems

  • Review of the pest control programme

  • Review of the electrical system safety and reliability and backup power capability for critical systems

Electronic Security

  • Review of the premise intrusion alarm system and any other alarms systems present

  • Review of maintenance and testing procedures and documentation for the premise intrusion alarm system and any other alarms systems present

  • Examination of alarm code administration policies

  • Evaluation of alarm monitoring activities

  • Review of CCTV systems installation and coverage

  • Examination of Access control system administration

Fire Suppression and Equipment

  • Review of the premise fire detection system

  • Review of maintenance and testing procedures and documentation for fire detection system

  • Review of the premise fire suppression system(s)

  • Review of the maintenance and testing procedures and documentation for fire suppression system(s)

Environmental Alarm Systems and Monitoring

  • Review of maintenance and calibration procedures and documentation for environmental alarm system (if present)

  • Review of environmental alarm system monitoring policies (if applicable)

  • Examination of data records for environmental monitoring activities

Inventory Control

  • Review of inventory control policies, systems and applications

  • Examination of handling policies and procedures

  • Review of systems used to prevent theft, vandalism and direct attack

Facilities who agree to undergo the survey process and join the programme ensure they remain more visible to insurers. This is of benefit when collectors and borrowers require insurance on collections which are travelling and being exhibited. Underwriters are able to identify those facilities who have been assessed under the programme and who may have subsequently been certified under the Art Protect scheme.

If you are registered subscriber to theĀ Global Risk Assessment Platform please follow this link